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In years of reading business books, this one stands out most strongly. Everyday we conduct ourselves in business to achieve success, yet there are times we stumble. While years of experience can help guide us,the answers on how to conduct ourselves and excel as a Leader and a Manager is brilliantly shown through lessons in the Bible. The authors have profusely illustrated the relationship of the Bible to business. The lessons in this book show us how the Bible and one's professional business career can be integrated together for the very best outcomes.

Entrepreneur & Adjunct Professor,

John Molson School of Business, Concordia University



An MBA from Heaven, in a most practical way, shows you how to build a successful career and business while contributing to a fair and just society. In a cohesive and engaging narrative it answers the big questions that preoccupy employers and employees.  Real business stories are used to illustrate a huge range of topics. and many of the lessons apply to other life situations.


The book's overarching goal is to help everyone in a company grow, advance, and contribute to the firm's success while also developing into better people and achieving their full potential. You will learn how to:

· Advance your career

· Lead for lasting results

· Gain trust and support

· Approach negotiations

· Build relationships with colleagues

· Balance vision and implementation

· Make time

· Make decisions

· Build teams

· And 40 other topics


The chapters follow a consistent format and can be read in any order and. A biblical passage is introduced and explained. A key lesson for a modern business problem is extracted from the passage and elucidated. Then a real business example is used to illustrate what has been discussed. Finally, the section is summarized in a few short sentences for future reference.

Whether you're a leader or manager seeking to better understand how to build and lead a successful business, or an employee needing advice on how to succeed personally, be an entrepreneur, and better contribute to an organization's success, this book is for you.

Order your copy today.

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Daniel Friedmann

Daniel Friedmann (MASc., P. Eng.) is Chairman of Carbon Engineering. For 20 years, until 2016, he was the CEO of MDA, the world's largest commercial communications satellite manufacturer and Canada’s largest aerospace company. He grew the company from under $100 million in revenues to over $2 billion. He has also written several books on the confluence of science and religion.

Rabbi Shmuel Yeshayahu

Rabbi Shmuel Yeshayahu was born in Israel and received his rabbinic ordination from the Rabbinate of Israel. He is a Rabbi in Vancouver, BC. Since 2000 he has been providing mentoring, counseling, religious services, classes, and tutorials, as well as developing and leading Jewish programming for unaffiliated young adults. He is well known for his ability to make spirituality relevant to all people in all walks of life. 

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