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An MBA From Heaven


An MBA From Heaven

  • How to read this book...

    An MBA from Heaven will help you and your company succeed, wherever you are in the organization. Its messages and lessons also apply beyond the business world and can improve your everyday life.


    The book consists of 51 short chapters, each dealing with a key topic. The topics fall into two broad categories: leadership and the employee–employer relationship. However, the chapters can be read in any order. The table of contents is therefore the index—simply select a topic and start reading.


    The underlying model for all of the topics is the Genesis creation narrative, but the reader needs no familiarity with the Bible. The book’s introduction provides some key background on the model to help you get more out of the topics.


    All chapters follow a standard format. A biblical passage is introduced and explained. A key lesson for a modern business problem is extracted from the passage and explained. Then a real business example is used to illustrate what has been discussed (highlighted in grey). Finally, the section is summarized in a few short lines (in bigger font) for future reference.


    One further note about terminology. We frequently refer to the Torah, by which we mean primarily the five books of Moses and the related oral tradition and commentaries.

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